There have been mediaeval markets for over 1000 years..

..and we are delighted to be organising these festivals  in the 21st century!

Visitors stroll into a market from the past. There they come across craftspeople such as smiths, potters, weavers etc. Jugglers perform in the taverns, merry revellers sing in the bath house, musicians play on a stage, a merry-go-round spins, turned by a crank handle, peddlers offer their wares for sale: Pelts, crockery, wooden goods, instruments, clothing, armour. Somewhere there is an archery butt and knife-throwing for the grown-ups. A storyteller is surrounded by children, a falconer releases his birds. At the gallows a vilain is judged. Market day in the Middle Ages.
Sündenfrei creates this sort of atmoshere at great personal effort with its own backdrops and with the help of numerous partners.
We can offer these sorts of market settings in various  historical periods.